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We've developed a comprehensive

approach to ensure you're ready to take the next 





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We help you feel good about

continuously planning for change, rather than focusing on problems. We're your thought partner in moving toward a brighter future.

Smart Management 

Using short exercises and

community support, our coaching assistance helps you manage your responsibilities and relationships in

all areas of life.

Define success on your own terms.

Set weekly goals and celebrate growth as lifelong learners challenge each other to show up as their best self.


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From Fortune 500 executives to high school teens, we've worked with over 400 digital coaching clients around the globe.

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“Makeda and I worked on mindfulness, breathing, exercising, ideas about sorting, prioritizing and adapting to change. I needed a phone package which she gladly accommodated me and we discussed the things I just mentioned once a week and used for daily check ins. I feel much better about my transition, Thanks to Makeda. I'm going to miss the calls but I'll try to put what I learned into practice.”